Adhesive Tapes

We provide a broad range of tapes:

01. Acetate Cloth Tapes
02. Aluminium Foil Tapes
03. Carton Sealing OPP Tapes
04. Cellulose Tapes
05. Cloth Duct Tapes
06. Copper Foil Tapes
07. Conductive Grid Tapes
08. Double-sided Tapes
09. Conductive Grid Tapes
10. Double-sided Coated Adhesive Tapes
11. Electrical Insulating Tapes
12. Electrical Polymer Tapes
13. Filament Tapes
14. Floor Marking Tapes
15. Glass Cloth Tapes
16. Kapton Polymide Tapes
17. Kraft Paper Tapes
18. Paper Masking Tapes
19. Poly-Vinyl Chloride Tapes (PVC)
20. Printed Security Tapes
21. Protection Tapes
22. Reinforced Paper Gummed Tapes
23. Teflon Tapes

We are flexible in term of: A) Your order quantity B) Your required lengths and widths.